Coming soon on Alien Jams- aircode’s debut album, ‘Grounded’

Excited to share our next release by aircode, her debut album ‘Grounded’ due out in the new year. 

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aircode returns to Alien Jams for her debut album “Grounded”. Channeling a humid, soaking sprawling atmosphere – piano, voice and guitar are layered across a bed of percussion and low- end heavy production, with glimpses of light throughout. Building from her “Effortless” EP previously released on Alien Jams, “Grounded” is ever-evolving throughout it’s 11 tracks, playful at times but also introspective, patient and poignant.

Inspired by a sense of distorted temporality and video game soundtracks, aircode meditates on the granular details of one’s surroundings. The album takes visual inspiration from plant life, specifically zoning in on the microscopic world of moss and it’s almost invisible inhabitants. With this mysterious atmosphere as a backdrop, aircode isn’t afraid to delve into the dark, dank and mischievous imaginings of this organized chaos.


Out Today!
Happy to announce that “Irmãs” by Serpente is now shipping…
“Irmãs” is Portuguese for “Sisters,” two 17+ minute digressions based on the Serpente live act circa late 2019.
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Artwork by Richard Forbes- Hamilton
Mastering by Carlos Nascimento

New Serpente Album on Alien Jams

Delighted to announce our next release on Alien Jams by Lisbon based artist Serpente (aka Ondness) called “Irmãs.” The album is due out on cassette and digital on Feb 19th, and is available for pre-order HERE

Serpente is the alias of Bruno Silva, a prolific and consistent fixture of the Portuguese scene. Silva has operated under numerous aliases throughout the years including the much loved Ondness name. With past releases on Not Waving’s Ecstatic and Discrepant, among others, Silva’s next release is a long awaited addition to the Alien Jams catalogue, an album called “Irmãs,” Portuguese for “Sisters.”

Comprising of two 17 minute tracks, both “Da Clara” and “Para Celeste” are intrinsically linked, mirroring and then inverting one another. Sisters share recurring motifs, typical of the Serpente project, both tracks artfully transform the strictest percussive forces into expressive and mind expanding mantras. Redolent of their live incarnations, Serpente gigs often involve a transformative and immersive experience, and “Irmãs,” embodies this spirit, embracing melodic digression in a sustained and flowing state.

Matering by Carlos Nascimento
Artwork by Richard Forbes-Hamilton

Soon on Alien Jams, Nexcyia’s “Crawl EP”


We are delighted to announce a new release on Alien Jams by Nexcyia called “Crawl” EP due out at the end of November.

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Nexcyia’s debut EP Crawl is a project spanning between the summers of 2018-2020 in LA, London, Paris and most recently his family home in Normandy. The six compositions are a set of reflections, personal experiences and meditations on posthumanism Influenced by swings of loneliness, vulnerability, anxiety and – on a subconscious level – otherness.

Nexcyia attempts to challenge our collective vulnerabilities and sonify our resilience by confronting harsh sampling and soft synthesis. He strives to decipher what’s real and what isn’t, manipulating pitch, bending sounds, incorporating archived audio, digital orchestral cellos, as well as fragmented and fractured pads. His work explores belonging, alienation and amnesia while contemplating notions of existence, through the use of granular synthesis tools, post-human voices and field recordings.

Nexcyia’s lofi productions speak to those who have felt othered, and were faced with haunting memories of the past but also aim to narrate a sonic foretelling of the future. Crawl is a take on modern anxiety, it challenges the ontological questions of what limits us as humans.
releases November 27, 2020

Artwork by Ewa Poniatowska
Mastering by Adam Dove

Out Today! aircode’s “Effortless” EP

Our new release by aircode is now available to order on bandcamp here!

London-based Swedish producer aircode’s debut EP on Alien Jams is ‘basically a very tired EP’.

Written throughout a year of sleep deprivation, “Effortless” reflects a period of disorientation, social claustrophobia, and the unbridled feeling of a loss of focus. A navel-gazing introspective struggle of feeling apathetic and drowsy, yet simultaneously restless and constantly moving. Fractured machine fragments and riddled sleep-deprived speech alongside manipulated drum samples, distorted guitar, are symptomatic of her captivating work in electronic experimental music so far. Using self-generated ‘logical’ melodies, unexpected rhythms, and phone and vocal recordings, the EP offers a challenging, melancholic and ever-changing aesthetic.

Piecing together spontaneous text, and moments of glitch, like an anxious machine, or someone on auto-pilot; “the tracks represent this mixture of apathy and a scattered mind,” she explains, “On the verge of hyperventilation with constantly changing rhythms as you feel your heartbeat and breath loud and out of sync. The melodies are also somewhat dipping in energy,” never reaching the whole way up, but giving up and falling down.

Original artwork by Ewa Poniatowska, Animation by Clifford Sage