Soon on Alien Jams, Nexcyia’s “Crawl EP”


We are delighted to announce a new release on Alien Jams by Nexcyia called “Crawl” EP due out at the end of November.

Now available for Preorder- Here

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Nexcyia’s debut EP Crawl is a project spanning between the summers of 2018-2020 in LA, London, Paris and most recently his family home in Normandy. The six compositions are a set of reflections, personal experiences and meditations on posthumanism Influenced by swings of loneliness, vulnerability, anxiety and – on a subconscious level – otherness.

Nexcyia attempts to challenge our collective vulnerabilities and sonify our resilience by confronting harsh sampling and soft synthesis. He strives to decipher what’s real and what isn’t, manipulating pitch, bending sounds, incorporating archived audio, digital orchestral cellos, as well as fragmented and fractured pads. His work explores belonging, alienation and amnesia while contemplating notions of existence, through the use of granular synthesis tools, post-human voices and field recordings.

Nexcyia’s lofi productions speak to those who have felt othered, and were faced with haunting memories of the past but also aim to narrate a sonic foretelling of the future. Crawl is a take on modern anxiety, it challenges the ontological questions of what limits us as humans.
releases November 27, 2020

Artwork by Ewa Poniatowska
Mastering by Adam Dove