Alien Jams w/ Not Waving

not wav


Maggi Payne- Flights of Fancy
Not Waving- Enemies of the People
Jean Piche- Le Mere A L’Aube
Hands- Beelitz- Heilstatten
Eduardo Polonio- Arsilah
Flaming Tunes- Another Flaming Tune
Colin Potter- Mainland
Mecanica Popular- Impressionistas II
Beserk In a Hayfield- Tease
Camberwell Now- Speculative Found
Daniele Ciullini- Trance
Craig Leon- Donkey Bearing Cups
Tomaga- Malintesi
Bourbonese Qualk- Head Stop
Green Gums- Cestodas Labyrinth
Not Waving- (Forthcoming)

Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda & Not Waving – 19th April 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Alien Jams with Where to Now?

where to now


Stereo Machines & Kinesis- Excerpt From Cassette Number 10
Gondwana- Boot Strapping
Not Waving- Battle Mountain
Flash and the Pan- Walking in the Rain
Renaldo & the Loaf- Honest Joe’s Indian Gets the Goat on the Way to the Cowboys’ Conga
Tools You Can Trust- A Knock for the Young
Cabaret Voltaire- Silent Commmand
Theoretical Girls- US Millie
The Cravats- Precinct
The Bugsman Vs. the Rootsman- Version
Axel Boman- Fantastic Piano
Tools You Can Trust- A Knock For the Young
Richard Youngs & Luke Fowler- Energy Gardens
MX-80 Sound- Someday You’ll Be King
Y Pants- Beautiful Food
Rapid Dance- Hidden So Well
Palais Schaumberg- Kinder Der Tod
2.3- Where To Now

April Fifth











Gondwana- Right Brainer
Ariel Kalma- Echo Planetarium
Franco Leprino- Side B
Mike Simonetti- Dark/ Light
M/M- Diamond Movement
Bernard Fevre- Max Stroke
The Lord- Winds of Space
Golden Teacher- Cedal Eels
Ceephax Acid Crew- Capsules in Space
Bourbonese Qualk- Lies (Ancient Methods Remix)
Echo 106- Dark Strings