March Thirty-First

X-Ray Pop- Amazone
Severed Heads- Jetlag
Fad Gadget- Pedestrian
Coil- Teenage Lighting 2
Goblin- Profondo Rosso
Edgar Froese- Macula Transfer
Sickness of Snakes- Swelling of Leeches
Lloyd Cole & Hans- Joachim Roedelius- Selbstportrait- Reich
Fifty Foot Hose- Rose
Fifty Foot Hose- Opus II
Francois de Roubaix- Astralement Votre
Thought Broadcast- Portrait Heads
Chrome- ST 37
Coil- Things Happens
Johnson Engineering Co.- Beating the Hell Out of Carmina
Yellow Magic Orchestra- Computer Game
Terekke- Pf Pf Pass

Mark Brend Interview

Silver Apples  


Today’s show featured an interview with musician and writer, Mark Brend.  I also included some of Mark’s music from the new Ghostwriter EP, Dimensions.  

Raymond Scott – Tempo Block
Ghostwriter – Dimensions Chapter 2
Miklus Rozsa – Spellbound (prelude)

Mark Brend, Ghostwriter/ The Sound of Tomorrow: How Electronic Music Was Smuggled Into the Mainstream – Interview

White Noise – Firebird
Ghostwriter – Autobiographical Sketch Number 1
Barry Gray – Except from ‘Hoover Keymatic Washing Machine’ Documentary Score
John Baker – Omo and Giro Advert
The Byrds – Moog Raga 
Fifty Foot Hose – If Not This Time
Lothar & The Hand People – Wedding Night For Those Who Love
Silver Apples – I Have Known Love

The Sound of Tomorrow

Mark Brend is a writer and musician, currently living in Devon. He has kept busy over the last few months with his new book recently published, called The Sound of Tomorrow: How Electronic Music Was Smuggled Into the Mainstream, as well as a new EP under the name Ghostwriter.

Mark kindly agreed to do an interview for the Alien Jams Radio Show, which I’m really excited about.  You can listen in to tomorrow’s show to hear Mark talk about his writing and musical endeavours.
 Mark’s shed where he works in Devon 

March Seventeenth

The Space Lady- I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Lloyd Cole and Roedelius- Pastoral
Asmus Tietchens- Lourdes Extra
Codek- Closer
Gay Cat Park- Television
X-Ray Pop- Gogol Le Mongol
Nino Nardini- New Invention
Klaus Schutlze- Frank Herbert
Fall of Saigon- On the Beach at Fontana
Mmplez- Izod Days
Alwin Nicolais- Frail Demons- Dance 1
Oliver Messiaen- Turangula Symphonie 6th Movement

(X-Ray Pop) 

The Space Lady

Susan Dietrich, aka Suzy Soundz, aka The Space Lady, is an outsider artist and street musician. Starting out in the early ’70s with a beat up junk shop accordion, Dietrich took to the streets of Boston with a hatful of simple tunes, literally singing for her supper. Crowds were drawn to the eccentric lady with her broken squeezebox, clad in twinkling lights and viking hat. Arming herself with a keyboard and effects pedals, Dietrich relocated to San Francisco where her enchantingly peculiar talents made her one of the city’s most treasured buskers. 

Dietrich’s fragile, tone-pure voice and delicate enunciation seem ready made for a twee ’60s folk accompaniment.  Instead her vocals get miked through an echo unit, soaring like vapour trails high above the soft bleeps of her prehistoric Casio.  The Space Lady is Vashti Bunyan swallowed up by a Tron-esque digiverse.  She’s a lost flowerchild abducted by gentle spacemen, her songs anodyne postcards tumbling across the black void.

March Tenth

Here is the playlist for today’s edition of Alien Jams, I hope you enjoy the selection! Also, I’ll be playing records at Power Lunches on Friday with Femi and Otis from NTS. Stop by and say hello!
Frak- Voyage No. 1
Ekoplekz- Temporal Drift
Fad Gadget- Lady Shave
Art Fact- Whom Are You Dancing For?
Sympathy Nervous- Quickshot Robeat
Bangkok Impact- Junge Dame Mit Freundliche Telefonstimme 
Unit Moebius- Duplovision
Vakula- Mama Said Go Slow
J Velez- Luminous View
Holly Herndon- Control And
Mark Van Hoen- Soyuz A
Barry Schleifer- Sonic Rhythm
Raymond Scott- The Toy Trumpet
 Acteurs- Critters
Frak- In Order to Create

Today I played two tracks off Frak’s album from last year- Muzika Electronic, Digitalis Recordings. Really cool album art on this one, and lime green vinyl