December Thirtieth

Altres- Icefield
Professor Genius- Time of the Assassins (Steve Moore Remix)
Altres- Rise
Mark Van Hoen- Soyuz A
Duet Emmo- Heart of Hearts
Bernard Fevre- Stress on Pluton
Terje Winther- Familiar Surprises
Ian Helliwell- Power Steering
Ian Helliwell- At the Glitterball
Felix Kubin- Lumiere Beige
Cybotron (Australian band)- Gods of Norse 

Forbidden Planet Radio Feature

Last Alien Jams show focused on Louis and Bebe Barron and their soundtrack to the 1956 film, Forbidden Planet.  I also included tracks from John Cage, Herbert Brun, and Bernard Herrmann.  The show can be found in the Alien Jams archives on the NTS website.

December Sixteenth

Robert Schroeder- Deep Dream
The Science Fiction Corporation- Science Fiction #7
Japanese Telecom- The Man From the Pack Remix
Elitechnique- Girls, Girls, Girls
Johnnie Walker- Love Vibrator
Koto- Japanese War Games
Dopplereffekt- Voice Activated
Logic System- Clash
Silicon Teens- State of Shock
Hard Corps- Dirty
Snowy Red- Euroshima
Zodiac (Cosmic Sounds)- Taurus- the Voluptuary
Zodiac (Cosmic Sounds)- Gemini- The Cool Eye
Piero Umiliani- Lady Magnolia
John Baker- Radio Nottingham
Steve Moore- Primitive Neural Pathways
Logic System

December Ninth

Conrad Schnitzler- Wild Space 1
Cherrystones- Blacker Forest
Edgar Froese- Panorphelia
Tom Dissevelt- Fantasy in Orbit- Ignition
Thought Broadcast- Conflict Dub
Ennio Morricone- The Sicillian Clan
Asmus Tietchens- Stille Hafen
Laurie Spiegel- Patchwork
Eduard Artimiev- Lonely Sail
Dariush Dolat- Shahi- Sama
Cabaret Voltaire- Red Mask
Krzystof Komeda- Fearless Vampire Killers
Sun Ra- Love in Outer Space

December Second

Crash Course in Science- Flying Turns

LFO- Tan Ta Ra
Bal Pare- Kriminalitat
F.C. Judd- Molecules in Space
Richard Pinhas- Kyoto Number 3
The Organisation- Milk Rock
Conrad Schnitzler- Wild Space 2
Joe Meek- Light is Faster than Sound
Dieter Schutz- Blue Horizon
Goblin- L’alba dei morti viventi (Originale)
VC-118A- International Airlines
Bruno Spoerri- Galactic Acid
Majeure- Solar Maximum
Ruth White- Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1
Ecama- Magic Fly