Kepla Launch gig on Oct 26th!

Kepla (Record Launch)
Rupert Clervaux
The Begotten


Kepla’s debut full-length, and his first release for Alien Jams, is an album of two contrasting approaches to collage-making. Derived entirely from field recordings and salvaged audio collected from online sample libraries, Within The Gaze, A Shadhavar is an impressionistic statement inspired by narratives of alienation and ruin.

The title itself refers to the mythical creature Shadhavar, “whose horn of hollow branches sounded sweetness or discord depending on the direction of the wind.” The album’s two long-form pieces – “The Angel Is You” and “Latent Mirror” – are opposites on multiple levels. The opening track’s cacophonous, full-spectrum sound is contrasted by the broad brushstrokes and the patient breaths on the second piece, and their themes – of “the ongoingness of life” and “a sense of resignation”, respectively – couldn’t be more different. As a whole, they represent an astute aural meditation on perception, reality and our sense of belonging.


“Cindytalk, born into a Scottish punk explosion in 1976 (as The Freeze), finally found their feet with a name change and a move to London in 1982. Many changes through the years bring us now into dual worlds of improvisation and computer composition.Alien landscapes.Desolate spaces.Inner truths.Ornette Coleman’s words, “I play pure emotion” always at the core of this fluid being. Some recall 1989’s abstract film soundwork “The Wind Is Strong…”, others the collaboration with 4ad’s ethereal house band This Mortal Coil, but most recently, releasing work through Vienna’s Editions Mego, Cindytalk seem to have found a home much more suited to their solitary and at times difficult path.”

Rupert Clervaux-

“Rupert Clervaux is a musician, audio-engineer and writer, based in London and Mallorca. He was a founder member of Sian Alice Group (2007-2012), and since then has collaborated on numerous projects with, amongst others, Beatrice Dillon, Spring Heel Jack, Ben Vince, Alexis Taylor and the Radiophonic Workshop. His mastering credits over the past decade include releases by a wealth of acclaimed experimental, electronic and improvisational artists. Working as his CVX alter-ego, he has released on Laura Lies In and Berceuse Heroique, alongside a recent solo release on Whities.

The Begotten-

The Begotten are an improv/ horror/ ambient / noise quartet comprising of William Fowler, Justin Harries, Mark Pilkington and Jo Fisher Roberts. Originally forming to soundtrack Elias Merighe’s legendary early 1990s experimental film ‘Begotten’ – the group have now developed their own material, creating sustained, intense improvised soundscapes throughout their sets.

Alien Jams Birthday at Cafe OTO

Thanks to everyone who came down to Part 1 of our birthday celebrations and made it such a special event, and to all the amazing artists who played! 

Artists- xname, Rosen, acolytes + alobhe, SHAKEY (Wilted Woman/ Silvia Kastel)-

Photo Credit- Jonathan Crabb

7 Years of Alien Jams at CAFE OTO

We will be celebrating 7 Years since the Alien Jams radio show started on NTS with two dates this summer at Cafe Oto, and we are delighted to be bringing some of our favourite artists/ collaborators to perform live and dj sets.

Our first event will be on July 20th with SHAKEY (Silvia Kastel and Wilted Woman), acolytes x alobhe, Rosen, xname and dj tesco. Our second event will be on August 24th with FOQL and Copy Corpo, Brood Ma, NOCHEXXX, rkss and Gary the Tall.

Tickets July 20th- Here
Tickets Aug 24th- Here