Alien Jams with DMX Krew

ed dm

It was a real pleasure to have Ed from DMX Krew on the radio. I have really enjoyed his work over the years! Ed has been really busy this year, and still has lots more coming up in the way of releases. Check out the show for a brief interview with Ed, along with a guest mix.


Perfect Sound Forever with Alien Jams

I was invited by Perfect Sound forever to be a guest on the radio show. Padraigh who runs the show is also the studio manager over at NTS, needless to say he has been super helpful during the Alien Jams shows, and a huge asset to NTS.

The Perfect Sound Forever show goes from midnight to 2am so it felt pretty strange trekking up to the studio at that hour. I had the chance to play some guitar tracks and stuff I don’t get a chance to play on Sundays, I really enjoyed doing this show.

psf 2

Alien Jams with Laetitia Deering

For this show, I asked Laetitia Deering to play records from her amazing collection.  Laetitia runs a night called Blackboard Jungle and also works at Phonica Records and Annex Agency, and is working on launching a new label for Phonica.

Mamman Sani- Ci Da Dy
Vangelis Katsoulis- Earth Beat
DMX Krew- Wood Pile
Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit- 255-6 (Shackleton Remix)
Hormax- Uex Kull
Yellow Power- Hai Samuri
Colin Potter- We Are So Glad
Crash Course in Science- Flying Turns
Black Rain- Data River
James Hoff- Blaster
Photo Dementia- Unknown
Geloten Cirkle- Swedish Woman
Hypnobeat- Giving Head to Killian
Demdike Stare- Test Pressings FFS
Killing Sound- Sixx Harmonies Version

Laetitia NTS