Alien Jams with Laetitia Deering

For this show, I asked Laetitia Deering to play records from her amazing collection.  Laetitia runs a night called Blackboard Jungle and also works at Phonica Records and Annex Agency, and is working on launching a new label for Phonica.

Mamman Sani- Ci Da Dy
Vangelis Katsoulis- Earth Beat
DMX Krew- Wood Pile
Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit- 255-6 (Shackleton Remix)
Hormax- Uex Kull
Yellow Power- Hai Samuri
Colin Potter- We Are So Glad
Crash Course in Science- Flying Turns
Black Rain- Data River
James Hoff- Blaster
Photo Dementia- Unknown
Geloten Cirkle- Swedish Woman
Hypnobeat- Giving Head to Killian
Demdike Stare- Test Pressings FFS
Killing Sound- Sixx Harmonies Version

Laetitia NTS