Volcanic Tongue Review

oMMM’s release on Alien Jams can now be found at the AMAZING Volcanic Tongue shop. David Keenan took the time to write this kind and thoughtful review,


“Debut release in an edition of 300 copies from this label run by Chloe Frieda of the Alien Jams radio show, dedicated to past>future electronic experimentation: oMMM is the brainchild of Edmund Davie and uses primitive electronics, four-track cassette recorder, tape work, synth and drum machine to generate the kind of lonely lunar satellites that combine the feel of early Asmus Tietchens with classic, spooked bedroom radiophonia and an eerie occult/galactic atmosphere that is somewhere between The Conet Project and Joe Meek’s I Hear A New World. Tracks read like NASA interceptions of punk primitive alien technologies tone-dialling 20th century receptors with squiggles of shortwave, early Industrial wasp soundings, brain-blotting loops and clunky hermetic drones underlining the whole scientific bedroom hobbyist appeal. Unmusical and mind-bendingly crude, this makes for the perfect combination of eccentric analogue experimentation and cold, austere Kluster/Conrad Schnitzler style dead dark space. A great debut, highly recommended.”

vol tongue


Alien Jams with Tony Poland (Juno Plus)

It was a real pleasure to have Tony Poland of Juno Plus on Alien Jams for the second time. Tony and I played back to back for the hour, it was really fun!

Design a Wave- Pentatonic Skull
NCW vs. Piss- Lands
Lord Tusk- Escape From Babylon
Soma Holiday- Shake Your Molecules
Die Partei- Nord-Süd-Fahrt
Neue Wohnkultur- Wir Sind Saldaten
Crash Course in Science- Cardboard Lamb
Fatima- Hassan (Razormaid Remix)
IF- Secret Desire
Sequencer People- Somebody Different
Morphology- Darkstar (The Hacker Remix)
Mark Lane- Who’s Really Listening
DAF- Alle Gegen Alle

tony p square

Alien Jams at Raw Power

I am very pleased to announce that Alien Jams will be at Raw Power this year! I’ll be djing on Saturday and checking out some of the awesome lineup, hope to see you there!

raw power









Baba Yaga’s Hut Presents: Raw Power Weekender

The Dome Tufnell Park, London

Fri, 29/08/2014 19:00

On the 29 / 30 / 31 of August Baba Yaga’s Hut is taking over The Dome & The Boston Arms in Tufnell Park for the second outing of RAW POWER.

Two stages, 3 days featuring some of the best psych heaviness, space rock, synth crazyness, left field electronica and much more.


The Oscillation
Thought Forms

Acid Mothers Temple
Teeth of the Sea
Richard Pinhas
Evil Blizzard
That Fucking Tank
Moon Gangs
Hey Colossus
Early Mammal

Bo Ningen
Terminal Cheesecake
Black Moth
Young Husband
The Comet is Coming
Ela Orleans
Gum Takes Tooth
Henry Blacker
Girl Band
Gentle Friendly
Bad Guys


Hung Drawn & Quartered (NTS)
Full House (NTS)
Ethan Saunders (NTS)
The Quietus
Nana Nicol (Resonance FM)
Teeth of the Sea (DJ)
Alien Jams (NTS)
Cacophonous Sarcophagus
Matt Ridout (Black Impulse)
Gary the Tall (NTS)

June Twenty- Second

wanzer 2

This edition of Alien Jams featured lots of great new music, including a couple tracks from the excellent Klara Lewis, as well as new Thought Broadcast. I also played an exclusive new track from oMMM, which Edmund recorded a couple weeks ago. Even though it’s very different from his Alien Jams release, all of his stuff is super! This one is named “Ghost Ride the Crib”…

Klara Lewis- Untitled
Thought Broadcast- Forged Body
Black Hat- Memory Triptych
_Moonraker- Dowser Amp
Miles- Labensform
Mike Weis- The Temple Bell Stops
Klara Lewis- C a t t
Beau Wanzer- Balls of Steel
Innershades- (Tuff City Kids/ Kowton Remixes)
oMMM- Ghost Ride the Crib
Acteurs- River Card
Kelpe- Go Visible