Alien Jams with Tony Poland (Juno Plus)

It was a real pleasure to have Tony Poland of Juno Plus on Alien Jams for the second time. Tony and I played back to back for the hour, it was really fun!

Design a Wave- Pentatonic Skull
NCW vs. Piss- Lands
Lord Tusk- Escape From Babylon
Soma Holiday- Shake Your Molecules
Die Partei- Nord-Süd-Fahrt
Neue Wohnkultur- Wir Sind Saldaten
Crash Course in Science- Cardboard Lamb
Fatima- Hassan (Razormaid Remix)
IF- Secret Desire
Sequencer People- Somebody Different
Morphology- Darkstar (The Hacker Remix)
Mark Lane- Who’s Really Listening
DAF- Alle Gegen Alle

tony p square