NTS Station to Station at the Barbican


Excited to be involved in this NTS Radio event at the Barbican, Station to Station.  I’ll be providing an opening set for the night, with AV performances from J.G. Biberkopf and Beatrice Dillon.

June Fourteenth

aj with holovr













Holovr came on my radio show this week before his London gig at the Waiting Room on the 18th of June. The show focuses on his Indole Record label, along with a short interview.

Holovr- VI
Henry Caravan- My Dark Urine
Ape Explorer- Tritanope
Ex- Geo- LNE
Untitled- Untitled
Holovr- Line of Flight (A Side)
Michael DeMaio- Sergei
Precipitation- Fallen Trees

June Seventh

beachers aa













Image from Beacher’s new release, Portrait

Black Hat- Elm
Stanya- Effir
Beachers- Portrait 2
Ice Yacht- Pole of Cold Side A
Ondness- Thuja
Anna Sjalv Tredje- Den Barbariska Sondagen
Small Cruel Party- Vasana
Calum Dunn- Tract
Marc Barecca- Music Works for Industry
MNVR- twlv_2



May Thirty-First

MAL- A Letter from Yellowland
Portion Control- Experimental Stress Project
Ruth White- The Clock
Maurizio Bianchi- Auschwitz
S. Olbricht- Elaea
Gondwana- Right Brainer
Tara Cross- Flight * 1
Fote- Permanent
An Trinse- Corpses From the North
Richard Pinhas- Rhizosphere Sequence
oMMM- Dominion
Pod Blotz- Another’s Dream
Sir Freddie Viadukt- Let Me Out & Slow Train to
Seaside Houz Boys- Deepness of X70002
Ivvvo- OOOO