Alien Jams Zine

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It has been in the works for quite some time but the first Alien Jams Zine is now here!

Now on the Alien Jams bandcamp page here !! In a limited run of 40, they will come free with the purchase of any record in the Alien Jams back-catalogue (while supplies last).

Special thanks to Stephen McLaughlin for the layout/ design

Includes submissions from – Margarita Louca, Jason Kerley, Rachael Rosen, James Hines, Edmund Davies, Graham Dunning, Diane Edwards, Clifford Sage, Michael Hann, Stephen McLaughlin Ernestas Sadau, Roman Sputnik, Sam Bristow, Tony Poland

Chloe Frieda on Loose Lips Radio

I was kindly invited to be a guest on Loose Lips Radio last week, my first time over at the Hoxton FM HQ. Frederick Sugden from Loose Lips started off the show with an hour long mix and about halfway I started my set, playing music from Transllusion, St. Julien, Unit Moebius, IF and more. There is also a ten minute interview where Frederick asked me a few questions about Alien Jams and my involvement with NTS radio.

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