June Twenty-Third

Chick Corea- El Bozo part 1
Kord- I, Sexuality
Alexander Robotnick- Problemes d’Amour
Martin Lloyd- Science Fiction Man
Logic System- Talk Back
Lord Tusk- Non- Conformist
Bridge & Tunnel Kids- Omnii
Brother Raven- Even Flow
Blues Control- Iron Pigs
Joe Meek- Orbit Around the Moon
Severed Heads- Dead Eyes Opened 

June Sixteenth

The show included music from Xosar’s recent release on Rush Hour Records, The Calling.  I have posted Xosar’s video below, I especially enjoyed the alien theme throughout! 
Also next week I’m happy to have Tony Poland on the Alien Jams radio show.  Tony launched Slutty Fringe back in 2006 and now works as an editor at Juno Plus. It should be a great show, can’t wait to hear the selection!
Hard Corps- For Pleasure
Stellar Om Source- Clarity
Transllusion- Do You Want to Get Down?
Unit Moebius- Soma
Dopplereffekt- Scientist
Xosar- Rays of Babylon
Neo- Eros in Exile Part 1 & 2
Todd Dockstader- Piece No. 3
High Wolf- Flowers of Congo
Tangerine Dream- Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares
Conrad Schnitzler- Wild Space 2
Altres- La Marche Futile

June Ninth

The latest Alien Jams show is now in the NTS archives.  I played tracks from Five O’ Clock Traffic, from the album Let Us Leave to the Machine What Belongs to the Machines (Borft Records)- the whole album is really cool! Besides that I came across some awesome sounds from San Francisco’s Birds You Once Knew,  check out the soundcloud here 
Also, me and Debi Ghose (Debonair/ NTS) will be playing records at the Star in Hackney Downs next Friday the 21st of June, come down if you’re in the area!

Five O’ Clock Traffic- After the Orgy
Birds You Once Knew- Synth Miniature 13
Vessel- Mood Dub
Neo- Electric Eels
Heatsick- C’etait Un Rendez Vous
Five O’ Clock Traffic
Chris & Cosey- Walking Through Heaven
Modo- Niagra Falls
Portion Control- Defend
Ecama- Magic Fly
Cluster- Roti Riki
Klaus Schulze- The Looper Isn’t a Hooker 

Linear Space is Back

Linear Space is back, this Friday the 7th at the Star of Kings! Also exciting news-  from now on it will be a monthly affair, on the first Friday of each month.  Debi Ghose (Debonair) and Fergus McDonald (Hung Drawn & Quartered) will be joining me this time around. Should be a fun evening of spacey jams,  come hang out and dance!

Alien Jams with Karen Gwyer

It was a pleasure to have Karen Gwyer in the studio with me today.  She brought a superb collection of records for the show,  and it was probably the first time in NTS history there has been a baby in the studio!  Karen recorded her debut album, Needs Continuum (No Pain in Pop) before giving birth to her child, who is now eight months old and super cute.

Eurythmics- Monkey Monkey
Karen Gwyer- Sugar Tots
Cut Hands- Krokodilo Theme
Eno/ Moebius/ Roedelius- Foreign Affairs
Matthew Young- First Blood
ADR- Codex
Suicide- Che
Nico & the Faction- Das Lied Vom Einsamen Madchen
Otis G. Johnson- Call on Jesus
Bee Mask- Vaporware
F. C. Judd- Space Links
Karen Gwyer- Waukon
Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)
_Moonraker- Offing Glow

Check out Karen’s soundcloud- here