May Twenty- Fourth










Popol Vuh- Ich Mache Einen Spiegel
Tod Dockstader- Myst
Maggi Payne- Hikari
Agitation Free- Malesch
Moebius, Plank, Neumier- Search Zero
Snakefinger- The Man in the Dark Sedan
Suzanne Ciani- Princess With Orange Feet
Rashad Becker- Dances II
Mark Barecca- Memory Paths
Rosen- Hexmigorigin

May Seventeenth













Here is my show from last Sunday, probably my danciest show to date, including music from Mutant Beat Dance, Innershades, Perfume Advert, Alek Stark and more-

dark society

May Tenth











Anna Själv Tredje- Mossen
Galactic Explorers- Venus Rising
Yahshu- Somebody Else’s Dream
Coil- The Mothership and the Fatherland
Kepla- Virile Landscape
Missing Organs- Absense of Evidence
Holovr- Bubble Glade
Graham Dunning- Mechanical Techno
Frank Bretchnieder- The Eight Day People
Charles Manier- Sharp Killer
Casa Cada Minuto- In Vain

Peckham Label Fair

This Saturday Alien Jams will be over at the Peckham Label Fair! Very excited to be part of this excellent gathering, hope to see some of the London folks there,

peckham label fair

May Third

It was really nice to get back to the studio for my first solo show in a while. I played quite a mixture of stuff, starting out gently with Ashra and Lena Platonos and somehow getting into some heavier club oriented tracks from Perfume Advert and Vereker.