February Twenty-Fourth

Today’s Alien Jams show featured this song from the Spanish electronic group, Neuronium.  This is a segment of the full version from 1977, which is around 24 minutes long. New age/ ambient/ space music, whatever you want to call it, epic track!
Space Art- L’obsession d’Archibald
Richard H. Kirk- Magic Words Command
Severed Heads- A Million Angels
In Trance 95- Fall In and Out
Doris Norton- Norton Apple Software
Silk Flowers- Night Shades
Matmos- Polychords
Oxykitten- Smokey- Burney
Cecil Leuter- Electro Sounds
Neuronium- Quasar 2C361
Dieter Schutz- Centaurus
Basil Kirchin- Primitive London 1

Guest Mix from Alex Wilson (Public Information)

On the Feb 10th show, Alex Wilson joined me for a special guest mix.  Alex runs the Public Information label out of London with Lionel Skerratt.  On the show he played music from the label as well as records from his personal collection. 
The Public Information label is “A survey of electronics… noise… psych… industrial… house… dub… wyrd-pop… library… techno… art… design from the last seven decades… 1950- Tomorrow.” 
If you missed the show it’s definitely worth a listen. From soul music to sounds of the Estonian countryside to library and weird electronic music… this show pretty much has it covered!  The podcast can been found in the Alien Jams archives of the NTS site (ntslive.co.uk). Alex kindly sent over the tracklist from the show, which I have posted here.

Sweet Honey In The Rock – Breaths
Philip Jeck – Press
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together
Robin The Fog – The Ghosts Of Bush
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
Singing Air Of Estonia – Coastal Flats In The Morning
The Ink Spots – If I Didn’t Care
Egisto Macchi – Pensee
Ennio Morricone – Ritorno A Casa
Chorale – Discovery
Andree Huet – Pulain En Liberte / Les Fourmis
Allesandro Allesandroni – Transport
Olly W Wilson – Cetus
Orchestra Of The Eight Day – Opening Act / Forgotten Prayer
Aya – Wariant  C
Siekiera – Idziemy Przez las
Coum Transmissions – Sugarmorphoses
Acteurs – Golden Rabbit
Frak – Choosing Format
Bochum Welt – Fortune Green
John Cooper Clarke – Evidently Chickentown 

February Third

Holly Herndon- Fade
Doris Norton- Radioactive Gnome
Logic System- Unit
Chris & Cosey- Driving Blind
Create- Re-entry
Helm- Stained Glass Electric
Container- Acclimator
VC 118A- Mapolar
Neuronium- Catalepsia
Orgue Electronique- Longing