February Twenty-Fourth

Today’s Alien Jams show featured this song from the Spanish electronic group, Neuronium. ┬áThis is a segment of the full version from 1977, which is around 24 minutes long. New age/ ambient/ space music, whatever you want to call it, epic track!
Space Art- L’obsession d’Archibald
Richard H. Kirk- Magic Words Command
Severed Heads- A Million Angels
In Trance 95- Fall In and Out
Doris Norton- Norton Apple Software
Silk Flowers- Night Shades
Matmos- Polychords
Oxykitten- Smokey- Burney
Cecil Leuter- Electro Sounds
Neuronium- Quasar 2C361
Dieter Schutz- Centaurus
Basil Kirchin- Primitive London 1