Richard Greenan (When I’m Walking) Takes Over the Airwaves

I couldn’t be there on Sunday but Alien Jams was in good hands! Richard Greenan took over the airwaves, playing fantastically weird jams and lots of Dutch tape music! Here is the playlist for 26/8/12-

Hans Cox – Three Pieces for Electronic Organ
Harry Breuer – Saturn Ski Jump

Ton de Leeuw – Study

Mort Garson – Son of Blob

Jan Boerman – Musique Concrete

Jim Cuomo – Earthshine

Jaap Spek – Impulses

Bruce Haack – Party Machine

Tom Dissevelt – Gamelan

Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan – Sonik Re-entry

Axel Meijer – Werkstuk

Walter Sear – Circuit Breaker

Robert Jan de Neeve – A.F.

Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan – Song of the Second Moon

Klaus Gorter – K45

Richard Greenan (When I’m Walking)