September Twenty-Second

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the Karen Gwyer & Graham Dunning gig on Wednesday, it was a night of excellent electronic music! The next Electronic Night will be happening on November 20th, more details to come!
Moonraker (Lowjits Vagrants EP)
 Today I played some tracks that were pretty out there! With lots of the usual bizarre experimental synth,  perhaps starting off a bit darker than usual.   The second half of the show changed pace a little with spacey jams from Bezier (Dark Entries) and Peter Murgatroyd.  
Severed Heads – The Ant Can See Legs
Die Gesunden – Galaxy
Sukia – Sukia
Woz – Flashbacks
Rabih Beaini – Kessara 2
Rashad Becker – Dances It
Shapednoise – Witness of a Hear
_moonraker –  Cyan Lean
Blanck Mass – Chernobyl 
Bezier – Ensconced 
Peter Murgatroyd – Demon Cop
Das Ding – We Can Rebuild Him
Dark Day – Invisible Man
Katie Gately – Ice
Dark Day

Alien Jams with Guest Pietro from Reverie

Today Pietro Barbieri-h joined me as a guest in the studio.  I started off the show with a track from Alessandro Parisi’s Draconia and Pietro took things from there, playing an hour of excellent electronic music from his vinyl collection.  Pietro does a show on NTS called Reverie, with Jonathan Hampton and it’s definitely worth checking out! here’s a link to their NTS show… Pietro is also pretty involved in music here in London, he writes for Juno Plus and works at Honest Jon’s as well as working on his own material.  It was a pleasure having him on the show!
Alessandro Parisi – Hutamak Endurance
Rabih Beaini – Maples & Rocks
Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Hur
Optical – Undersea Flight
Craig Leon – Nommo
Funkinevil – Outro 
Seefeel – Minky Starshine
Sacher Pelz – Paranoia
Kadmon – Kemper’s lament
Madteo – Mr. Grecko
Mix Mup – Bungalow
Hailu Mergia – Shiela
Telephones & DJ Fett Burger – Tutti Frutti Del Mar
Shake – Levitate
Rabih Beaini – Light Within Light
Version – Soul Syndicate 
Battista – Helps Ground Fighting
Kadmon – Liver Flush

Rabih Beaini


September First

Die Gesunden- Instrumental
Ekoplekz- Fountain Square
Karen Gwyer- Free Food
Golden Teacher- Golden Chalice
Gay Cat Park- Television
DAF- Was Ziehst Du An Heute Nacht
Dark Day- Hands in the Dark
oMMM- Cardinal Ability to Escape
Outer Space- Body of Light
Forma- Forma 230
Sukia- The Dream Machine
Kurosounds- Manège d’éléphants
Ian Helliwell- Time to Readjust