September Twenty-Second

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the Karen Gwyer & Graham Dunning gig on Wednesday, it was a night of excellent electronic music! The next Electronic Night will be happening on November 20th, more details to come!
Moonraker (Lowjits Vagrants EP)
 Today I played some tracks that were pretty out there! With lots of the usual bizarre experimental synth,  perhaps starting off a bit darker than usual.   The second half of the show changed pace a little with spacey jams from Bezier (Dark Entries) and Peter Murgatroyd.  
Severed Heads – The Ant Can See Legs
Die Gesunden – Galaxy
Sukia – Sukia
Woz – Flashbacks
Rabih Beaini – Kessara 2
Rashad Becker – Dances It
Shapednoise – Witness of a Hear
_moonraker –  Cyan Lean
Blanck Mass – Chernobyl 
Bezier – Ensconced 
Peter Murgatroyd – Demon Cop
Das Ding – We Can Rebuild Him
Dark Day – Invisible Man
Katie Gately – Ice
Dark Day

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