Rejections Mix

 Today I was pleased to air a mix from Michael Hann AKA Rejections on NTS radio.  I kicked off the first fifteen minutes of Alien Jams, but Michael provided the selections for the rest of the show.

A few words from Michael-
  “The tracks on this mix are a sample of the music which is currently influencing and inspiring my next set of releases, which in the main will be out next year (some preview material will be out before the end of 2013). The ideas behind the new set of releases flow from my efforts for Opal Tapes, Jehu and Chinaman and my own label Reject and Fade, which are in essence a personal exploration of spirituality and meaning within the noise and cacophony of the modern age. And the ongoing search for the perfect pint of stout.”  
Mix from Rejections-
Yellow Swans- Going Places
Ben Frost- We Love You Michael Gira
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall- In the Sheltering Sanctus of Minerals
Nurse With Wound- Sea Armchair
Rejections- T27v
Best Available Technology- Gmd TDK SA-X100
Mike Parker- Lustrations Ten
Michael Hann (Rejections) and Bob McCully (Wizard Of)- Consumed
Coil- Going Up
If you are interested in releases by Rejections, check out the following links…