October Thirteenth

Here is my radio show from Sunday! I got a chance to focus on lots of super German stuff, including some releases from the Bureau B label.  I also played music from Suzy Poling’s Pod Blotz album, new on Clan Destine records as well as a super track by Mind Over Mirrors.  I ended the show with a track  by Carol, Belgium synth 1981 with Snowy Red’s Micky Mike.
Donato Dozzy- Vaporware 05
Brainticket- To Another Universe
Pod Blotz- Crests and Reflections
Mind Over Mirrors- Storing the Winter
Conrad Schnitzler- Track 01
Dieter Schutz- The Comet
Hans Joachim Roedelius- Fieber
Toy Planet- Rapido de Noir
Vester Koza- Masio
Prof Genius- Valleys of Paradise (Steve Summers)
St. Julien- Lazor
Carol- So Low

Conrad Schnitzler