June Fifteenth


This week’s show featured some great new music from Public Information’s Acteurs called I W I as well as some other interesting releases. I always have a special fondness for Seattle music and Nelson Bean’s Black Hat has recently done a superb release on Hausu Mountain. I’ve also been really enjoying the Cute Heels release on Dark Entries as well as Frak’s Saturate You 12″…



Acteurs- I W I
Black Hat- Imaginary Friends
Godsy- Apache Drop Inn
Rodion G. A.- Studiu/ Semnal/ Dor
Cute Heels- Spiritual
Felix Kubin- Filmmusik
Kord- I, Sexuality
Unicorn Hard-On- Wet Paint
Frak- Saturate You
DMX Krew- Space Eyes
Sculpture- Polymorphic Operatic
Dungeon Acid- the Way I Feel