DON’T TRIP on Alien Jams

It was so great to have Margarita from DON’T TRIP with me for Sunday’s show! We each brought tracks and alternated them throughout the hour, and it was kindof bizarre how much overlap there was in our selections, I think it worked really well.  You can check out Margarita’s Bi-Weekly NTS radio show  HERE
oMMM- Interlude
Prurient- Many Jewels Surround The Crown
Pod Blotz- Mirrored Tundra
Holly Herndon- Control And.
Bee Mask- Fried Niteshades
Terrestrial Tones- Gargoyle
Richardo Donoso- American Officer
Daphne Oram- Introduction
Caroline K- Animallattice
Sickness of Snakes- The Swelling of Leeches
Flower Man- IBM Untitled
Rabih Beanini- Song of Extreme Happiness
Nate Young- Forever Day
Rejections- The Jt Wrks
Me and Margarita in the NTS studio