Catch Night Recap

Many thanks to everyone who made it down to the CATCH gig last night, so many good people and great music! At the beginning of the night I handed out a mix cd, which includes some of my favourite artists (stuff I’ve played quite alot on the radio) and if you were wondering about a tracklist, I’ve posted it below.   If you missed out on the CD, I’m planning on bringing a few more to the next event which will be taking place in January, more info coming soon!
In Trance ’95- Fade In and Out
Ohama- The Drum
Thought Broadcast- Mad Tea Party
Shapednoise- As Others See Us
Matmos- Teen Paranormal Romance
Felix Kubin- Flies Without Memory
Asmus Tietchens- In Die Zunkunft
Dariush Dolat- Shahi- Hur
Henk Badings- Kain en Abel
Daphne Oram- Introduction
Richard Pinhas- Rhizosphere Sequent
Pierre Bastien- The Thermodynamic Orchestra
Bernard Fevre- Molecule Dance
Edgar Froese- Macula Transfer
Lothar and the Hand People- Wedding Night For Those Who Love
Pod Blotz- Die and Come Alive
Fifty Foot Hose- If Not This Time
Below are pictures from the night!
Rejections at Catch
 Ectopia at Catch