April Thirteenth

Here’s the tracklist from this week’s radio show, the podcast is on its way. Hope you enjoy this extra long edition of Alien Jams!











Mort Garson- The Phiosopher’s Stone
K. Leimer- Confusion in Belief
Craig Leon- She Wears a Hemispherical Skull Cap
Nico Motte- Rheologia
Streetwalker- Ooze (Silent Servant Remix)
Legowelt- Lighthouses and Fried Fish Discs
Mort Garson- Solomon’s Ring
Brood Ma- Skipping Special Ed
Peder Mannerfelt- Gulo Gulo Caesitas
Prostitutes- This Whole Affair is So Fucking Unfair
Perc- A Living End
John Baker- Brio
Gareth Williams- Dark Star
Ondness- Curare
Edgar Froese- Drunken Mozart in the Desert
Elitetechnique- High Risk
Pond- Planetenwind