An Electric Storm

“White Noise’s first album has long been one of the holy grails for kosmische / space rock collectors. Kinda strange, actually, because it’s actually more on the “exotica” Moog side of things, as opposed to a Klaus Schulze or Conrad Schnitzler production… Released in 1968 on Island in a total vacuum, An Electric Storm could be a Perrey & Kingsley soundtrack to a Radley Metzger soft-core porn film with twee psych-pop vocal melodies (a la Beach Boys, Free Design, Monkees) topped off with lots of bizarre electronic squiggles that originated in the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. White Noise’s mastermind David Vorhaus keeps things pretty surreal with a track based around the recordings made at an orgy and with a precursor to the John Balance vocal mumbles about how “darkness was enshrouded by darkness and the darkness was deadeningly dark.” -Aquarius Records 

White Noise (An Electric Storm)- Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hogdson, who had worked for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and David Vorhaus.  

Last Sunday I played a White Noise track called “Firebird.” Here is another great track to check out from this album called “Your Hidden Dreams.” If you like this kindof stuff the album as a whole is SO good! Definitely worth a listen all the way through if you haven’t already!