Alien Jams with Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson from Public Information record label joined me on the show for the second time this year.  It was a pleasure to have Alex back in the studio, playing some records from his collection.

In Alex’s words, “a mix of ambient electronics, new age + other misty-eyed synth guff.”

 Paul Robinson- Some Enchanted Evening
Charles Cohen- Camera Dance
Anworth Kirk- Hexploitation
Ella Fitzgerald- Russian Lullaby
Kay Gardener- Prayer to Aphrodite
Finis Africane- El Secreto De Las 12
The Zodiac- Pisces The Peace Piper
Ethereal- Light is Knowledge
Transmuted- Transmuted
Angelo Badalamenti- Mysteries of Love
Motion Sickness of Time Travel- Auto Suggestion
William Bell- I Forgot to Be Your Lover
Lonnie Holley- Fifth Child Burning
Vera Hall- Wild Ox Moan
Rainer Veil- Struck
Steve Tibet- Any Minute
Galaxy- Oxygen
Magicabus- Journey
Pump- Drop
Soft Cell- Say Hello and Goodbye


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