Today’s show started off with quite a few early electronic tracks, with Ruth White opening the show with her dark incantations of Baudelaire’s poetry, off the Flowers of Evil album.  These rare recordings were recently reissued on vinyl by Black Mass Rising.  I also played two tracks from Raymond Scott as well as Moog Raga from the Byrds 1968 album, Notorious Byrd Brothers.  Another Moog track I played was by Harry Breuer off the Happy Moog album with Jean Jacques- Perrey. 

I wrapped up the show with Rejection’s Jt Wrks,  ahead of his London gig, on November 20th at Catch (event info here). The Jt Wrks were created by Rejection’s Michael Hann, using field recordings and samples taken from a family vacation in Whitby, back in 2009. My final track of the show was a segment of Terry Riley’s well known album from 1969, A Rainbow In Curved Air. 

Ruth White- The Clock
Raymond Scott- The Toy Trumpet
Lucretia Dalt- Glosolalia
Slasher Film Festival- Frozen Alter
The Byrds- Moog Raga 
Christian Cosmos- Tune The Instruments of the Fire
Severed Heads- Dead Eyes Open
Torn Hawk- Shock Tape
Harry Breuer- Moog Fog Yong
Lucretia Dalt- Soliloquos
Tim Hecker- Amps, Drugs, Harmony
Rejections- The JT Wrks
Terry Riley- Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band