May Twenty- Sixth

Agitation Free
The Alien Jams podcast is now available on the NTS Site.  It ended up being quite an upbeat show,  probably because it was actually sunny here, which makes a change for London (and I’m from Seattle). Hope you like the tunes this week… (show starts about 1 minute into the podcast)
Elecktroids- Silicon Valley
Casco- Cybernetic Love
Queen Samantha- Take a Chance
Kano- It’s a War
Francis Bebey- Super Jingle
Les Yas Toupas Du Zaire- Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup
Brainticket- The Space Between 
Agitation Free- Ala Tul
Experimental Products- Nightmares Part 1
Bruce Haack- Man Kind
Transllusion- Dimensional Glide

Looking forward to seeing Bee Mask at Cafe Oto this Saturday, June 1st.   His latest album, When We Were Eating Unripe Pears was released on Spectrum Spools in November of 2012.