Ekoplekz Mix

It was a pleasure to have a mix from EKOPLEKZ on Sunday’s show, I started the show off with the first 20 minutes of music and then Nick provided the mix for the rest of the show, including alot of great unreleased stuff alongside music from Exotic Pylon records,  Further Records and Modern Love.

Hacker Farm- Burlington
John Baker- Accentric
Matmos- Polychords
Mordant Music- Olde Wobbly
Ekoplekz Mix
Ekoplekz- Aviary Unheimlich (unreleased)
Canonbury- Bodmin Fence- Hacker Farm Remix (Exotic Pylon)
CHXFX- Untitled (unreleased)
Tlön- Truth in the 13th- Replekz (Birkhouse Recordings)
The Stranger- Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends? (Modern Love)
Vales- Letter Beacons- (Further Records)
Dolly Dolly feat. Ekoplekz- No Stars (Exotic Pylon)
Ekoclef- Gamelan Powder (unreleased)
Thorsten Soltau- Shades- Replekz (m.m. label)
eMMplekz- AngloruM SaxonuM- edit (unreleased)