December Twenty- First

This was my last show of the year and I had loads of music to get through for this one. The first part of the show inludes plenty of synth as well as post punk, when the second half of the show changes to a slower pace. I included music from Jack Latham’s new Lux Laze release, out on Utter, as well as some new Nad Spiro goodness, along with an excerpt from the mysterious audio and visual artist, An Trinse.


Cute Heels- Metal Disco
Lena Platonos- A Physical Exercise Unresolved
Das Kabinette- The Cabinet
Colin Potter- I Couldn’t Agree
Mutant Beat Dance- Rottonfunk
Sandra Electronics- Here and Now
Outer Space- Arrival and Assessment
Jack Latham- IV (Main Theme)
Panoptique- Interlude 2
Yyu- Flowery
Muslimgauze- Citadel
Nadia Spier vs. Nad Spiro- Valcarca Mon Amour
An Trinse- Buried Out of Mens Sight
Steve Hauschildt- Blue Marlin