June Tenth


Charanjit Singh- Raga Bhairav
Francis Bebey- Wuma Te
Queen Samantha- Take a Chance
Felix Kubin- Hissi Hissi
Hard Corps- Dirty
The Juan MacLean- A New Bot
Peter Baumann- Bicentennial Present
Afrikan Sciences- Spirals
Francis Bebey- Savannah Georgia
Geneva Jacuzzi- Sand Trap
Bruce Haack- Party Machine
Pye Corner Audio- Cloud Control

Alien Soundtracks

The Day the Earth Stood Still- Amazing soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann

In 1951, Herman used the theremin in “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” The film score included both bass and treble theremins, along with other instruments. He treated the theremins as an orchestral section.

June Third


The Advisory Circle- Nuclear Substation
Cankun- Mundaka
Doris Norton- Radioactive Gnome
Sympathy Nervous- Paranoid
Bal Paré-  Rien Ne Va Pas
The Egyptian Lover- Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
Peaking Lights- Birds of Paradise (Xander Harris Remix)
Cybotron- Techno City
LFO- Track 14
LFO- Freeze
Roger Roger- Sound Industrial 15
Dick Raaijmakers- Tweeklank
Vatican Shadow-  Missing HMM364 Squadron Purple Foxes Assassin
R. Stevie Moore- Little Man
R. Stevie Moore- Alecia