August Eleventh

Here is last week’s podcast with Stellar Om Source in the mix as well as some GREAT new stuff from Funkineven, early 80s Italian synth and lots more! I’m spending a couple weeks in Seattle at the moment, so I won’t be in the NTS studio until the 1st of September.  However, Fergus McDonald of Hung Drawn and Quartered took over the show today. I caught the last 15 minutes and it sounded super, podcast should be up soon! Also, next week I have Margarita Louca in the studio from the excellent NTS show, Don’t Trip.    Check out Don’t Trip… 

Helena Hauff- Break Force 
Antonym- Cinnamon Air
Funkineven- The Joker
Stellar Om Source- Clarity
La 1919- Senza Tregua
WMTID- Dark Messiah
Factory Floor- A Wooden Box
Ekoplekz- Ekoplatz (Richard H. Kirk Remix)
La Bambola del Dr. Caligari- Deep Scanner
Nate Young- Comes Unbidden
The Nag’s Head- Jumbo Mixed Grill