Alien Jams with Guest Jorge Velez

This week it was great to have Jorge Velez in the studio.  He took time out of his European tour to play some music on the radio, including some of his new un-released material.   
Jorge is based in Jersey City and has made music under various aliases, including Professor Genius,  J. Velez, Duermo, to name just a few!  His music is really wonderful and you can check it out on Soundcloud here, or look for his releases on Rush Hour, L.I.E.S. Italians Do it Better…  
Sunday’s Tracklist-
Professor Genius- Never Get Up
Lee Gamble- Plos 97s
Professor Genius- Corronne (Alt.)
Japanese Telecom- Nipponese Robots 
M. Koshi- Lip Skutz
Container- Acclimator
The Asphodells- Never There
Wasteland- Saturation
R-Zone- Hair Down
 System 7 & Derrick May- Mysterious Traveler
J. Velez- Vida Brilliante