Alien Jams with Great Scott

Great Scott joined me in the studio to play music from his treasured vinyl collection.  I’ve heard Scott dj at various nights as well as his guest appearances on NTS’s Full House and always love everything he plays, so I asked him to come on the show.  I threw in a track here and there but most of the tracks were from Scott…

Black Devil- Timing, Forget the Timing
 Magnetophone- Relax, It’s the End of Electronica 
Manitoba- Happy Ending
Mouse on Mars- Saturday Night World Cup Fieber
Jega- Manic Minor
Bogdan Raczynski- Alright
Kid Spatula- Hard Love
LHAS- The Way
Bernard Fevre- Max Stroke
Aavikko- Mekanik Man
Daedelus- Soul Full of Child
Martin Galway- Arknoid
Electric Hegolad- Chico V.T.L.O.
Mon Dino- Lets Dance Des Mots Part 2
Neo- Electric Eels
Virgo Four- Blue Moon