Alien Jams with Cherrystones

It was a real pleasure to have Cherrystones in the studio with me.  He brought some amazing records from his extensive collection. I started off the show, and we did 2 to 3 selections each… hope you enjoy

Rodion GA- Printre Meteoriti

Conrad Schnitzler & Bjorn Hatterad- Part 6

Howlround- тајне песме

Godsy- Raizon Against Slik

Yan Tregger- Hooter

Die Gesunden- Instru-mental

Charles Manier- Czech Mississippi

Vitamin B12- Untitled

Chrome- Tribes

Container- Complex

Heldon- Stand By

K Leimer- Untitled

Powell- No U-Turns

Pow!- At the Station

Severed Heads- Acme Instant Dehydrated Bouler Kit

Panoram- Tiny Little Forces

Harry Forbes- Digits

cherrystones pic