55 Minutes on Boiler Room

I played some tracks on boiler room last month for the NTS 2nd birthday.  

Here is the tracklist-

Frak- Voyage No. 1
The Parking Attendant- Mask of a Thousand Faces
Alex Israel- Front Butt
Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui- More Than a Cat Has Ever Seen
Yellow Peril Disco Group- Bamboo Disco
Sympathy Nervous- Extended Time
Alexander Robotnick- Dance Boy Dance
Yellow Magic Orchestra- Cosmic Surfin’
Logic System- Domino Dance
Steve Summers- Seeing Things
Orgue Electronique- Strange Paradise
J. Velez- Luminous View

Also, this Sunday the Alien Jams Radio show will be taken over by Disjecta.  It will be from 4-5pm instead of the normal 5-6pm slot.  Really happy to have Gabriel stepping in this week, he also does a show on NTS radio, the latest of which I’ve posted below…

As well as his excellent Boiler Room set…

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  1. Hi Chloe – your set was far better than his. His was a disjointed noise collage. Maybe it’s art, but it’s not a DJ set. Liked your music selection though.

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