December Fourteenth

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Really enjoyed this show, got a chance to debut the new Design a Wave release that has just come out on the Alien Jams label, very pleased to finally get ahold of the vinyl after all the planning! You can buy the release direct through bandcamp, and its also available on sites like Boomkat, Juno, Bleep, Rough Trade, Phonica and many other great record shops!

Ceephax Acid Crew- Mediterranean Acid
Design A Wave- III
Philippe Laurent- Et Hop
Malaria- Klates Klares Wasser
Oppenheimer Analysis- Radiance
Birds You Once Knew- Synth Miniatures
Echo 106- Don’t Cross the Railways
Felix Kubin- Schnitt Fur Schnitt
Design A Wave- I
Lewis- The Mantile
Romvelope- Fanfuronade
Ectopia- Jam
Acolytes- Side 2

Alien Jams with Keith Seatman

It was a pleasure to have Keith on the show again, he brought some great stuff including an awesome Space Art 7″, Thomas Leer as well as some of his own music.

We played back to back for the hour with me starting things off with some In Aeternam Vale, I think our selections came together nicely for the hour.

In Aeternam Vale- Dust Under Darkness
Space Art- Axus
Karen Novotny X- Warm
Simon Heartfield- Kessler
Phillipe Laurent- Exposition 5
Souless Party- Radonds
Implog- On Bway
Listening Center- Our Material
Dimitris Papadimtriou- John, George and Eve
Thomas Leer- Private Plane
Iko- Subway 49
Keith Seatman & Douglass E. Powell- My Morning Ritual
Altres- Icefield
Alan Hackshaw- The Magic Fountain
Brother Raven- Raiderz

You can check out Keith Seatman’s work on bandcamp-