Podcast Catch-Up



Playing catch up and posting some past shows up on the site, the last couple months have been pretty mental but slowly returning to normality! This show is from October Fifth, but if you’d like to listen to more recent podcasts you can check out the Alien Jams mixcloud. This one includes some great new music 🙂

Dan White- El 9
Beatrice Dillon- Poisson
Laps- Dirty Heavenly Dub
Black Rain- Watering Pool
Shelley Parker- Noise Floor
Ondness- Curare
Joane Skyler- Dinosaur_Dies_Alone
Maurizio Bianchi- Sobibor
Shelley Parker- Beachy Head
Xosar- Voodoo Castle
1000 Names- Caravan

September 28th NTS Show

Syndrone- Roots
Fis- Speech Spirits (Kassem Mosse Remix)
RKSS- Winter
Implog- Holland Tunnel Dive
Lena Platonos- A Physical Exercise
Crash Course in Science- Crashing Sign
Vox Populi- Perse Voir La Lumiere
Beatrice Dillon- Reebs Dub
Voices From the Lake- In Giova
Jorge Velez- Magic 8 Ball
Svengalisghost- Mars Out of Range


Alien Jams with Olly Fay (XenoglossiX)

Helm- Carrier
Karen Novotny X- Eye of the People
Bronze Teeth- Untitled
Shoc Corridor- Artificial Horizon Oubys Klystron Remix
The Rise of Elklink- Tension Tec
Neue Wohnkultur- WirSind Soldaten
Shawn O’ Sullivan- Evitandus
Powell- No U Turn
Shawn O’ Sullivan- Non Nocere
Fini Tribe-De Testimony
Karen Novotny X- Munich Mendonis
Karen Novotny X- Aug 77
Zsa Zsa Laboum- Something Scary
The Rise of Elklink- The Spoon
Streetwalker- Ooze (Silent Servant Remix)
Transilvanian Galaxi- A Side
Charles Manier- Bang Bang Lover
Caberet Voltaire- Fascination
K Alexi- All for Liza
Silent Servant- Invocation of Love

olly fay