July Twenty-Ninth

Subway- Simplex
Gary Wilson- I Wanna Lose Control
Ohama- My Time
Malcolm and the Bad Girls- Shoot Me
The Flirts- Calling All Boys
John Maus- This is the Beat
Serge Blenner- Phrase VI
Suzanne Ciani- (from Lixivation 1969- 1985)
Lothar and the Hand People- Today is Only Yesterday’s Tomorrow
F.C. Judd- Perpetua
Blue Phantom- Uncle Jim
P. Rizzitelli- Onyx
HTRK- Eat Yr Heart
Vladimir Ussachevsky- Sonic Contours

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band

TONTO stands for “The Original New Timbral Orchestra” which was designed and built by Malcolm Cecil. It is known as the first and largest multitimbral polyphonic analogue synthesizer in the world.
Tonto’s Expanding Headband was Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff.  They came out with two albums in the early 1970s continued with session work for many musicians, including Stevie Wonder.
   Tonto is still going strong, currently residing in its upstate New York studio.

July Fifteenth

Das Ding- HSTA
Der Plan- Adrenaline lasst das Blut kochen
Bernard Fervre- Stay on Grey
Bernard Fervre- Misererum
Polysick- Loading
Martin Dupont- Your Passion
Polysick- World Cup
Tom Dissevelt- Fantasy in Orbit
Henrich Dressell- Escape From the Hill
Tangerine Dream- Riccochet (Part One)
Advisory CIrcle- Seasons

July Eighth

Cluster- Dem Wanderer

Dieter Schutz- Centarus
Duet Emmo- Or So it Seems
Dome- Rolling Upon My Day
Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury- Justice One
Brian Eno- Spirits Drifting
Bill Vermette- Someday Soon
Somnambulist- Things I Was Due to Forget
Ecama (Space Music- Synth Comp)- Magic Fly
The Bran Flakes- Kitty Takes a Ride
Der Plan- Geri Regi
Demdike Stare- Haxan
Bruce Haack- Rita
Laurie Spiegel- Patchwork